Budweiser Budvar Iconic 500ml Tankard Glass


Product Information

Wide, weighty, and perfectly sculpted to elevate the Czech lager experience. As soon as you hold our Iconic glass in your hand, you start to appreciate the time, detail, and craft that has gone into its creation.

With its elegant design, Rony Plesl, one of the world’s foremost names in the art of glass, has honoured the centuries-long tradition of Czech glassmaking. The satisfyingly thick glass and contoured handle are time-honoured features with a sacred purpose – to keep your lager colder for longer, so you can savour your beer down to the very last sip.

It’s truly a thing to behold, and every bit worthy of holding the slow-matured and traditionally brewed lager that it’s been designed for: a beer that has only ever been made in the same place, in the same way, with the same four quality ingredients, for over 125 years.

  • 0% ABV

  • IBU

  • EBC

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