WE’RE HIRING – On Trade Business Development Executive (London)

Calling all experienced sales professionals! As the national brewery of the Czech Republic, we’ve got some extremely exciting plans on the horizon and we’re looking for a passionate beer lover to help bring these plans to life in the on trade and to help spread the gospel of Czech beer culture.


Brewed together by Jakub Sychra of Pivovar Clock, a Czech microbrewery, and Aleš Dvořák of Budvar, the National Brewery of the Czech Republic, Bohemia Idols combines the best of elements of Czech beer culture for a fresh take on the iconic Czech lager style.

Budvar Reserve – 200 days of patience

Brewing, skill, time and a little patience are what’s required – the brewers may have been keeping a secret that is now out in the open. Budvar Reserve is a distinctive beer that is matured for 200 days and has finally emerged from the cellars.