Prepare to be transported to The Republic of Beer this September with Budweiser Budvar’s immersive pop-up experience, appearing in the heart of the city of London.


Since 1895, Budweiser Budvar has brewed the finest Czech lager in the world. Now Londoners can now get their hands on it for free at a pop-up event unlike any other.


As the national brewery of the Czech Republic, we represent one of the greatest and oldest beer cultures in the world, where beer has been slow-brewed using the best local ingredients for nearly a thousand years. It’s why Czechs think of their homeland as the ‘Republic of Beer’: a place so passionate about brewing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that beer grows on trees.


And for two days in September, at Observation Point in London, it will.


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Once you’ve entered the Republic of Beer pop-up on the South Bank, you’ll be given a passport and invited to pick a chilled beer from the Budvar Beer Tree before kicking back and cracking open that can of slow-aged Czech lager. When you’re done drinking, you can get your passport stamped on the way out of the Republic, which you can then redeem for a free pint of Budvar at a nearby participating bar.


With travel having been limited throughout 2021, those who are keen for an adventure will be taking a journey to the heart of Europe without stepping out of the city. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about green, amber or red status and no quarantine!


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